HarmonicGuard Solution Center

This solution center features a dynamic analysis tool that uses your basic system data to generate accurate harmonic and power quality analysis for your unique application. Model an application from utility medium voltage distribution down to individual low voltage linear and non-linear loads within a facility. You're able to set performance targets for harmonics and power factor. Work on your own or in coordination with a TCI representative to determine an optimal solution.
The new, easier to use version 2.1.4 has many improved features including:
  • The ability to save projects and make changes as your project matures
  • More information fields to produce more accurate results
  • Context sensitive help
  • Improved reporting
  • "Request a Quote" option to connect you with a TCI Representative

The results of this analysis may not accurately represent actual system performance due to insufficient system data or limitations of the estimation software. TCI, LLC assumes no liability for damages that may occur as a result of equipment placed in service based on the results of this analysis.